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    England’s deputy chief medical officer explains new vaccine advice for under-30s
    Following the announcement by the UK medical regulator that the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine should not be used for adults aged 18-29, England’s deputy chief medical officer sought to explain how the risks and benefits of the jab balance out for different age groups. Much depends on how widespread infections are, said Jonathan Van Tam in a televised briefing. He said that based on a relatively low infection rate of 2 cases per 10,000 people - close to the rate in the UK in March - the potential benefits of receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine among people aged 20-29 did not outweigh the risks of serious side effects. The risk-benefit balance reversed for people aged over 30, however. For people aged 60-69, for example, the risk-benefit balance was “heavily in favour of taking the vaccine,” said Van Tam.? The greater the prevalence of the disease in a population, the greater the benefits of receiving the vaccine - in terms of ICU admissions avoided - among all age groups, he added. Based on a relatively high infection rate of 20 cases per 10,000 people - close to the rate during the UK's second wave - the benefits of taking the AstraZeneca vaccine exceeded the risks even for people aged 20-29.?
    在英國醫療監管機構宣布牛津/阿斯利康疫苗不應該用于18-29歲的成年人之后,英格蘭副首席醫療官試圖解釋如何平衡不同年齡組的注射風險和好處。 喬納森-范譚在電視簡報中說,這在很大程度上取決于感染的廣泛程度。 他說,基于相對較低的感染率,即每萬人2例--接近英國3月份的感染率--20-29歲人群接受阿斯利康疫苗的潛在好處并沒有超過嚴重副作用的風險。 然而,對于30歲以上的人來說,風險與收益的平衡發生了逆轉。例如,對于60-69歲的人來說,風險與收益的平衡是 "嚴重傾向于服用疫苗,"范譚說。? 他補充說,該病在人群中的患病率越高,在所有年齡組中,接種疫苗的好處就越大--從避免入住ICU的角度來看。 基于相對較高的感染率,即每萬人20例--接近英國第二波感染潮期間的感染率--即使對于20-29歲的人來說,服用阿斯利康疫苗的好處也超過了風險。
    Erdogan vows to lower Turkey’s interest and inflation rates
    Turkey will bring both interest rates and inflation down to the single digits, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said a week before the central bank holds its first rate-setting meeting with a new governor whose surprise March appointment unnerved investors. Erdogan has long railed against high interest rates, which he says causes inflation contrary to mainstream economic theory, and has changed the central bank chief three times in less than two years. He fired Naci Agbal last month two days after he raised rates to 19 per cent to tame inflation running at 16 per cent. “We will succeed in bringing inflation, which has shown a little increase recently, back to the single digits,” Erdogan told lawmakers from his ruling party on Wednesday. “We are determined to lower interest rates to the single digits.” Erdogan has not offered a reason for sacking Agbal, who took the job in November when the lira had sunk to record lows and promised a more orthodox monetary policy to boost investor confidence. Sahap Kavcioglu, an academic and newspaper columnist, who has written in support of Erdogan’s unconventional view about the link between interest and inflation succeeded Agbal. However, Kavcioglu has indicated he won’t immediately undo Agbal’s policies at the next monetary policy committee meeting on April 15. He has also pledged to meet the central bank’s year-end inflation target of 5 per cent. The shakeup at the central bank unnerved foreign investors, who dumped $1.9bn of Turkish stocks and bonds in a single week. But Erdogan said Turkey’s economy “has achieved a large degree of resilience against shocks” and was now seeing strong demand for tourists, despite the coronavirus pandemic. Turkey recorded 49,584 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, the biggest daily increase of the pandemic. The country has fully vaccinated 7.4m people, or about 9 per cent of its population.
    土耳其總統雷杰普-塔伊普-埃爾多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)在央行舉行首次定息會議前一周表示,土耳其將把利率和通脹率都降到個位數,新行長3月份的意外任命令投資者感到不安。 埃爾多安長期以來一直抨擊高利率,他說高利率會導致與主流經濟理論相反的通貨膨脹,并在不到兩年的時間里三次更換央行行長。他上個月解雇了納西-阿格巴爾(Naci Agbal),兩天后他將利率提高到19%,以馴服運行在16%的通脹。 "我們將成功地將最近出現小幅增長的通脹率帶回個位數,"埃爾多安周三告訴其執政黨的立法者。"我們決心將利率降至個位數。" 埃爾多安沒有提出解雇阿格巴爾的理由,他在11月里拉跌至紀錄低點時上任,并承諾將采取更正統的貨幣政策以提振投資者信心。曾撰文支持埃爾多安關于利息和通脹之間聯系的非常規觀點的學者和報紙專欄作家Sahap Kavcioglu接替了Agbal。 不過,Kavcioglu表示不會在4月15日的下一次貨幣政策委員會會議上立即撤銷阿格巴爾的政策。他還承諾將實現央行年終5%的通脹目標。 央行的動蕩讓外國投資者感到不安,他們在一周內拋售了19億美元的土耳其股票和債券。但埃爾多安表示,土耳其經濟“在很大程度上實現了抵御沖擊的能力”,盡管冠狀病毒大流行,但目前游客需求強勁。 土耳其周二錄得49,584例新的冠狀病毒病例,創下疫情的最大日增幅。該國已為740萬人全面接種疫苗,約占人口的9%。
    Willie Walsh tells UK airports not to use the pandemic to jack up prices
    威利-沃爾什告訴英國機場不要利用疫情抬高價格-|-威利·沃爾什告訴英國機場不要利用疫情來抬高價格-|-Willie Walsh告訴英國機場不使用大流行來加起來
    Willie Walsh, the former head of British Airways, has returned to the airline industry with a blunt warning to Heathrow and other airports not to use the pandemic to jack up prices. The Irish executive used his first media appearance in his new position as head of the International Air Transport Association airlines body to accuse other parts of the industry of monopolistic pricing. “If I look at traditional problems in this area it is the likes of airports like Heathrow who have clearly demonstrated they want to recover lost revenues?.?.?.?we will be very strong and aggressive in opposing this,” he told a press conference. Heathrow has applied to the UK regulator for permission to increase the fees it charges airlines by 5 per cent to help offset a dramatic fall in flights. New figures have underlined the severity of the crisis facing airlines. Global flights operated at just 25 per cent of normal levels in February, the latest month for which data is available.
    英國航空公司前掌門人威利-沃爾什重返航空業,直言不諱地警告希思羅機場和其他機場不要利用疫情抬高價格。 這位愛爾蘭高管利用他作為國際航空運輸協會航空機構負責人的新職位首次在媒體上露面,指責航空業其他部分的壟斷定價。 "如果我看一下這個領域的傳統問題,就是像希思羅機場這樣的機場,他們已經清楚地表明了他們想要挽回損失的收入......。??.我們將非常強烈和積極地反對這一點,"他在新聞發布會上說。 希思羅機場已向英國監管機構申請許可,將其向航空公司收取的費用提高5%,以幫助抵消航班量的大幅下降。 新的數據凸顯了航空公司面臨的危機的嚴重性。2月份全球航班運營量僅為正常水平的25%,這是有數據可查的最近一個月。
    German state of Bavaria signs deal for 2.5m Sputnik V doses
    德國巴伐利亞州簽署了250萬支Sputnik V劑量的協議-|-德國巴伐利亞州簽署了250萬份Sputnik V的合同-|-德國巴伐利亞州簽署了2.5米斯圖尼克v劑量的交易
    Bavaria has signed a preliminary contract for 2.5m doses of the Russian Covid-19 vaccine Sputnik V pending its approval by the European Medicines Agency, becoming the first German state to conclude such a bilateral deal. In a press release, the Bavarian health ministry said it had signed a memorandum of understanding with the Russian Direct Investment Fund, the Kremlin’s sovereign wealth fund, and the distribution company RDIF. Bavarian health minister Klaus Holetschek said that Germany would “not have enough vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus for the foreseeable future, though infection numbers are rising”. “For that reason, Bavaria is banking on the purchase and deployment of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V as soon as it is approved by the European Commission”. He said that in addition to the option of importing the vaccine from Russia, it could be produced by the company R-Pharm Germany GmbH in the west Bavarian town of Illertissen. The health ministry said recent experience with vaccine supply had shown that it is “very important to create regional production capacity in Germany too”. Germany’s inoculation programme has been dogged by delays and shortages of vaccine. The country outsourced the procurement of shots to the EU, but several German politicians have demanded it conclude separate, bilateral deals to increase supplies. Bavaria is so far the only state to have done so. The EMA will launch an investigation next week into whether clinical trials of Sputnik V contravened ethical and scientific standards. People familiar with the EMA’s approval process told the Financial Times that they had concerns the trials had been ethically run. Russia has said military servicemen and state employees were involved in the trials of the jab, which was developed by a state-run laboratory and funded by the Russian Direct Investment Fund.
    巴伐利亞州已經簽署了一份250萬劑俄羅斯Covid-19疫苗Sputnik V的初步合同,等待歐洲藥品管理局的批準,成為德國第一個達成此類雙邊交易的州。 巴伐利亞州衛生部在新聞發布會上表示,已與克里姆林宮的主權財富基金俄羅斯直接投資基金和分銷公司RDIF簽署了諒解備忘錄。 巴伐利亞州衛生部長Klaus Holetschek表示,德國 "在可預見的未來將沒有足夠的SARS-CoV-2病毒疫苗,盡管感染人數正在上升"。 "為此,巴伐利亞州寄希望于購買和部署俄羅斯疫苗Sputnik V,一旦獲得歐盟委員會的批準"。 他說,除了可以選擇從俄羅斯進口疫苗外,還可以由巴伐利亞州西部小鎮Illertissen的R-Pharm德國有限公司生產。衛生部表示,最近的疫苗供應經驗表明,“在德國建立地區生產能力也非常重要”。 德國的接種計劃一直受到疫苗延誤和短缺的困擾。該國將針劑采購外包給歐盟,但幾位德國政客要求其簽訂單獨的雙邊協議以增加供應。巴伐利亞州是迄今為止唯一這樣做的州。 EMA將于下周對斯普特尼克五號的臨床試驗是否違反倫理和科學標準展開調查。 熟悉EMA審批流程的人士告訴《金融時報》,他們對試驗是否符合倫理標準表示擔憂。俄羅斯表示,軍隊軍人和國家雇員參與了該刺刀的試驗,該刺刀由一家國營實驗室開發,并由俄羅斯直接投資基金資助。
    Carnival says advance bookings strong as it reports $2bn quarterly loss
    Carnival, the world’s largest cruise company said bookings for holidays in 2022 were ahead of 2019’s levels indicating that there is pent-up demand for cruise trips despite its turbulent year. “We are focused on resuming operations as quickly as practical,” said Carnival’s chief executive Arnold Donald in a statement, as the company posted a $2bn net loss for the first three months of 2021. Carnival said bookings in the first quarter of 2021 were 90 per cent up on the final quarter of 2020. It added that customer deposits for cruise holidays amounted to $2.2bn as of the end of February, the majority of which were credits due following holidays that had been cancelled as a result of the pandemic. But it added that customer deposits for new bookings during the quarter offset the impact of refunds to be paid out. Tensions have arisen this week between the Centers for Disease Control and Protection and cruise lines after the US healthy agency announced a set of strict protocols ships must adhere to for cruising to restart in US waters. The CLIA, the industry trade body, called the measures “onerous” and said they were at odds with the loosening of pandemic-related restrictions in other parts of the economy. Carnival said on Wednesday that it expected six of its nine brands to resume cruising this summer but only in Europe, starting with its Aida line in the Canary Islands. Donald said he expected the company, which became a focus early on in the pandemic thanks to an outbreak on ships in its Princess line, to emerge “operationally stronger” after the crisis. It has retired 19 ships from its fleet and Donald said it was “streamlining shoreside operations”. The company said its cash burn rate during the first quarter was $500m — $100m lower than it had previously guided — and that it had $11.5bn of cash and investments thanks to a $1bn share placing and raising $3.5bn in debt.
    全球最大的郵輪公司嘉年華表示,2022年假期的預訂量超過了2019年的水平,表明盡管今年動蕩不安,但郵輪旅行的需求仍然存在。 嘉年華首席執行官阿諾德-唐納德(Arnold Donald)在一份聲明中表示:"我們專注于盡快恢復運營。"該公司公布了2021年前三個月20億美元的凈虧損。 嘉年華表示,2021年第一季度的預訂量比2020年最后一個季度增長了90%。它補充說,截至2月底,郵輪假期的客戶押金為22億美元,其中大部分是因疫情而取消的假期后應得的信貸。但它補充說,本季度新預訂的客戶押金抵消了將要支付的退款的影響。 在美國健康機構宣布了一套嚴格的協議后,本周疾病控制和保護中心與郵輪公司之間出現了緊張關系,船舶必須遵守這些協議才能在美國水域重啟巡航。 行業貿易機構CLIA稱這些措施“繁瑣”,并稱這些措施與其他地區放松與流行病相關的限制相矛盾。 嘉年華周三表示,預計旗下9個品牌中的6個品牌將在今年夏天恢復巡航,但只在歐洲,首先是位于加那利群島的Aida航線。 唐納德說,由于其公主航線的船舶爆發疫情,該公司在疫情初期就成為焦點,他預計該公司在危機后會出現 "運營上更強大 "的情況。該公司已經從船隊中退役了19艘船,唐納德表示正在“精簡岸邊業務”。 該公司表示,第一季度的現金消耗率為5億美元--比之前的指導值低1億美元--由于10億美元的配股和籌集35億美元的債務,該公司擁有115億美元的現金和投資。
    UK regulator changes advice on AstraZeneca vaccine
    The UK medical regulator has advised that the AstraZeneca vaccine should not be used for adults aged 18-29, although it would not restrict use of the jab in any other age group. Men and women under the age of 30 should now be offered either the BioNTech/Pfixer vaccine or the Moderna vaccine, the regulator said. Up to the end of March, 79 cases of the blood clots had been identified in the UK, resulting in 19 deaths. In total, 51 of the cases were women and 28 were men, with ages ranging from 18 to 79. Three out of the 19 who died were under the age of 30. As well as the ‘change of clinical preference’ being outlined for adults under the age of 30, the regulator said pregnant women and those with a history of blood disorders linked to an increased risk of clotting should discuss the relative benefits and risks with a medical professional. They also said that anyone who had experienced the rare blood clots coupled with a low platelet count after the first shot of the vaccine should not be given the second dose. The Chair of the Committee of Human Medicines, which has been working with the MHRA, has advised that the link between vaccine and clots is “getting firmer”, but that absolute proof will only come after extensive scientific work. The change in advice will not affect the timeline for the rollout of the vaccine, officials said.
    英國醫療監管機構已經建議,阿斯利康疫苗不應該用于18-29歲的成年人,盡管它不會限制在任何其他年齡組中使用注射劑。 監管機構表示,30歲以下的男性和女性現在應該提供BioNTech/Pfixer疫苗或Moderna疫苗。 截至3月底,英國已發現79例血栓病例,導致19人死亡。其中51例為女性,28例為男性,年齡從18歲到79歲不等,死亡的19人中有3人年齡在30歲以下。 以及 "臨床偏好的變化 "被概述為30歲以下的成年人,監管機構表示,孕婦和那些與凝血風險增加有關的血液疾病史應與醫療專業人員討論相對的好處和風險。 他們還表示,凡是在注射第一針疫苗后經歷過罕見的血栓加上血小板計數偏低的人,都不應再注射第二針。 一直與MHRA合作的人類藥物委員會主席建議,疫苗和血栓之間的聯系“越來越堅定”,但絕對的證據只會在廣泛的科學工作后。 官員們說,意見的改變不會影響疫苗推廣的時間表。
    EMA says blood clots are a very rare side effect of AstraZeneca vaccine
    The European Medicines Agency has concluded that a very rare and severe combination of side effects, including blood clots in the brain, can be caused by the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, but it continued to stress that the shot’s benefits outweigh its risks. “Covid-19 is associated with a risk of hospitalisation and death,” the EMA said. “The reported combination of blood clots and low blood platelets is very rare, and the overall benefits of the vaccine in preventing Covid-19 outweigh the risks of side effects.” The agency reminded patients to seek immediate medical assistance if they experience symptoms, including shortness of breath, chest pain, or leg swelling, after vaccination. The regulator said specific risk factors could not be identified. Most of the cases reported have occurred in women under the age of 60, it said, mostly within two weeks of patients receiving their first dose. There is “limited” experience with patients receiving a second dose, it added.
    歐洲藥品管理局認為,牛津/阿斯利康公司的Covid-19疫苗可能會引起一種非常罕見和嚴重的綜合副作用,包括大腦中的血栓,但它繼續強調,該疫苗的好處大于其風險。 "Covid-19與住院和死亡的風險有關,"EMA說。"報告的血栓和低血小板的組合是非常罕見的,疫苗在預防Covid-19方面的總體好處超過了副作用的風險。" 該機構提醒患者,如果接種疫苗后出現呼吸急促、胸痛或腿部腫脹等癥狀,應立即尋求醫療救助。 該監管機構表示,無法確定具體的風險因素。 它說,大多數報告的病例都發生在60歲以下的女性身上,大多數是在患者接受第一劑疫苗后兩周內發生的。它補充說,對于接受第二劑疫苗的患者,有 "有限 "的經驗。
    UK universities demand clarity on in-person teaching
    The Department for Education has said it will review options for the return of students to university, after vice chancellors accused the government of creating a “communications vacuum” over the timing of a full restart of face-to-face higher education. Universities UK, the sector’s lobby group, on Wednesday wrote to the government asking why restrictions on in-person teaching were set to remain in place despite the planned reopening of large sections of the economy on April 12. Julia Buckingham, the president of UUK, said it was “illogical” that students were not allowed to return to self-catered accomodation and resume classes in “covid-safe university facilities” when gyms, parks, theme parks, public libraries and community centres were all set to open. “This is another blow for those students who have been studying online since early December,” she said, arguing that “many studies highlighting the impact on students’ mental health, wellbeing and development” supported a faster return. English universities stopped most face-to-face teaching during the most recent national lockdown, though students taking essential practical courses were allowed to return to campus on March 8. UUK had previously argued that a full return to campus on April 12 would balance safety with student wellbeing. ? In response to UUK’s intervention, the DfE said it would be “reviewing options for the timing of the return of all remaining students by the end of the Easter holidays”.
    在副校長們指責政府在全面重啟面授高等教育的時間上制造了 "溝通真空 "之后,教育部表示將審查學生重返大學的方案。 該行業的游說團體Universities UK周三致信政府,詢問為什么在4月12日計劃重開大部分經濟領域的情況下,面授教學的限制仍將繼續存在。 UUK的主席Julia Buckingham說,當健身房、公園、主題公園、公共圖書館和社區中心都將開放時,卻不允許學生回到自帶的住宿地并在 "covid安全的大學設施 "中恢復上課,這是“不合邏輯的”。 她說:"這對那些從12月初就開始在網上學習的學生來說又是一個打擊。"她認為,"許多研究強調了對學生心理健康、幸福和發展的影響",支持更快地回歸。 英國大學在最近一次全國封鎖期間停止了大部分面授教學,不過3月8日允許參加必要的實踐課程的學生返回校園。UUK此前認為,4月12日全面回歸校園可以平衡安全與學生福祉。? 對于UUK的干預,教育部表示將“審查復活節假期結束前所有剩余學生返校的時間選擇”。
    US trade deficit hits record high of $71.1bn in February
    The US trade deficit swelled to a record high in February as the US experiences a faster economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis than other advanced economies. The deficit in goods and services grew 4.8 per cent month on month to $71.1bn in February, according to data released by the US Census Bureau on Wednesday. That was wider than economists’ expectations of $70.5bn, according to a Reuters poll. Exports fell 2.6 per cent or $5bn to $187.3bn, while imports slipped a more modest 0.7 per cent or $1.7bn to $258.3bn. The goods deficit with China increased by $3.1bn to $30.3bn, the report showed. It is likely that trade was affected by severe winter weather in the US last month, but the deficit is expected to continue to widen this year. Oren Klachkin, economist at Oxford Economics said that the vaccination roll-out and easing of pandemic-driven restrictions, along with US president Joe Biden’s $1.9tn stimulus, would boost domestic demand and imports. “Exports will gather steam more slowly, with external demand likely to stay Covid-constrained,” he added. The International Monetary Fund on Tuesday forecast that the global economy would grow 6 per cent this year, while the US would grow 6.4 per cent.
    由于美國從冠狀病毒危機中的經濟復蘇速度快于其他發達經濟體,2月份美國貿易逆差膨脹至歷史新高。 美國人口普查局周三公布的數據顯示,2月份商品和服務的逆差按月增長4.8%,達到711億美元。根據路透社的調查,這比經濟學家預期的705億美元要寬。 出口下降2.6%或50億美元,至1873億美元,而進口則下滑0.7%或17億美元,至2583億美元,降幅較為溫和。 報告顯示,與中國的貨物逆差增加31億美元,至303億美元。 可能是上個月美國冬季惡劣天氣影響了貿易,但預計今年的逆差將繼續擴大。 牛津經濟學院經濟學家Oren Klachkin表示,疫苗接種的推廣和放寬流行病驅動的限制,以及美國總統拜登的190萬美元刺激措施,將促進國內需求和進口。"出口將更緩慢地聚集動力,外部需求可能會繼續Covid受限,"他補充道。 國際貨幣基金組織周二預測,今年全球經濟將增長6%,而美國將增長6.4%。
    Medical regulators to issue updates on possible AstraZeneca jab blood clot risks
    Medical regulators in the UK and EU are preparing to issue updates on the safety of the Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine. Both the European Medicines Agency and the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency are due to provide more details in separate briefings at about 3pm London time. The updates will be closely watched. Regulators have been investigating possible links between the vaccine and extremely rare, but potentially fatal, blood disorders in adults who have received it. Several countries have restricted its use as a precautionary measure. Germany has recommended that younger people, who are both more likely to be affected by the blood clots and at lower risk from coronavirus, avoid the jab. The MHRA, the EMA and the World Health Organization have all said there is no evidence of a causal link between the vaccine and the condition. The UK’s briefing will be televised live and will include Jonathan Van-Tam, England’s deputy chief medical officer, and June Raine, the MHRA’s chief executive. The Financial Times will be bringing readers news and analysis of both briefings.
    英國和歐盟的醫療監管機構正準備發布牛津/阿斯利康冠狀病毒疫苗的最新安全性。 歐洲藥品管理局和英國藥品和保健品監管局都將于倫敦時間下午3點左右分別在發布會上提供更多細節。 最新情況將受到密切關注。監管機構一直在調查該疫苗與接受過該疫苗的成年人中極為罕見但可能致命的血液疾病之間可能存在的聯系。 幾個國家已經限制使用它作為預防措施。德國已建議年輕的人,誰是更有可能受到血栓和冠狀病毒的風險較低,避免注射。 MHRA、EMA和世界衛生組織都表示,沒有證據表明疫苗和病情之間存在因果關系。 英國的發布會將進行電視直播,英國副首席醫療官Jonathan Van-Tam和MHRA的首席執行官June Raine也將出席。 金融時報》將為讀者帶來兩場通報會的新聞和分析。
    CoronaVac vaccine effective against Brazil variant
    A study of healthcare workers in Manaus indicates that the Chinese-made CoronaVac vaccine is effective against the virulent P.1 Covid-19 variant, which emerged from the city in Brazil's Amazon region late last year. The study of 67,718 health workers by the Verba Covid-19 group found that the jab was 50 per cent effective in preventing the disease two weeks after the first dose. The researchers are awaiting more data to assess the efficacy rate after the second dose. The P.1 variant - also known as the Manaus variant - is predominant in the city and is widely believed to be behind the soaring number of coronavirus cases in Brazil today. Latin America's largest nation on Tuesday reported 4,195 daily deaths and 86,979 new cases of coronavirus. Scientists expect these numbers to continue to increase throughout April.
    對馬瑙斯市醫護人員的一項研究表明,中國產的CoronaVac疫苗對去年年底巴西亞馬遜地區城市出現的P.1Covid-19變種病毒有效。 Verba Covid-19小組對67718名衛生工作者進行的研究發現,在首次注射兩周后,注射疫苗對預防該病的效果為50%。研究人員正在等待更多數據來評估第二劑后的療效率。 P.1變種--也稱為瑪瑙斯變種--在城市中占主導地位,并被廣泛認為是今天巴西冠狀病毒病例數量飆升的背后原因。 拉丁美洲最大的國家周二報告了4195例日死亡人數和86979例冠狀病毒新病例??茖W家預計這些數字在整個4月份將繼續增加。
    South Korea pauses rollout of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine for under-60s
    South Korea's coronavirus vaccination rollout faces fresh delays after health officials decided to temporarily suspend the use of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine for people under the age of 60 over worries it may be linked to instances of rare blood disorders. The move by Seoul follows similar curbs and recommendations by countries including France, Canada and Germany, as health officials run new risk assessments. The World Health Organization, as well as UK and EU regulators, have all stated that any possible risks are outweighed by the benefits of the vaccine. Jeong Eun-kyeong, the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency chief, said the decision was taken pre-emptively given public safety concerns. "We will address the problem quickly?through in-depth discussions with domestic experts based on the EMA announcements,” she said, referring to the European Medicine Agency, the EU medical regulator. The South Korean government aims to vaccinate about 70 per cent of the country’s 52m people by September in a bid to reach herd immunity by November. While much of the country is operating without restrictions, strict border controls remain in place and gatherings of more than four people continue to be prohibited to curtail infections. Daily new cases hit their highest point since January on Wednesday at 668.
    韓國的冠狀病毒疫苗接種面臨新的延誤,此前衛生官員決定暫時停止60歲以下人群使用牛津/阿斯利康疫苗,因為擔心它可能與罕見的血液疾病事件有關。 首爾此舉是繼法國、加拿大和德國等國家在衛生官員進行新的風險評估時提出類似的限制和建議之后的又一舉措。世界衛生組織,以及英國和歐盟的監管機構都表示,任何可能的風險都超過了疫苗的好處。 韓國疾病預防控制局局長Jeong Eun-kyeong表示,考慮到公共安全問題,這一決定是先發制人。 她說:"我們將根據EMA的公告,通過與國內專家的深入討論,迅速解決這個問題。"她指的是歐盟醫療監管機構歐洲醫藥局。 韓國政府的目標是在9月前為全國5200萬人口中約70%的人接種疫苗,爭取在11月前達到群體免疫力。 雖然該國大部分地區的行動不受限制,但仍有嚴格的邊境管制,并繼續禁止4人以上的聚會,以減少感染。每日新增病例在周三達到1月以來的最高點,為668例。
    IMF proposes ‘solidarity’ tax on pandemic winners and wealthy
    國際貨幣基金組織建議對流行病贏家和富人征收 "團結稅-|-國際貨幣基金組織提議對疫情贏家和富人征收“團結稅”-|-國際貨幣基金組織為大流行贏家和富人提出了“團結”稅
    High earners and companies that prospered in the pandemic should pay additional tax to show solidarity with those who were hit hardest, according to the IMF. A temporary tax would help to reduce social inequalities that have been exacerbated by the economic and health crisis of the past year, the fund said in its twice-yearly fiscal monitor on Wednesday. It would also reassure those worst affected that the fight against Covid-19 is a collective endeavour. Vitor Gaspar, the IMF’s head of fiscal affairs, told the Financial Times that a symbolic rise in taxation from those who have prospered over the past year would strengthen social cohesion even if there was not a pressing need to repair the public finances. Read more here
    國際貨幣基金組織稱,在疫情中興旺發達的高收入者和公司應該支付額外的稅款,以聲援那些受到最嚴重打擊的人。 該基金周三在其一年兩次的財政監測中表示,臨時稅將有助于減少因過去一年的經濟和健康危機而加劇的社會不平等。它還將向那些受影響最嚴重的人保證,抗擊Covid-19是一項集體努力。 IMF財政事務主管Vitor Gaspar對《金融時報》表示,即使沒有修復公共財政的迫切需求,但過去一年中富裕起來的人象征性地增加稅收將加強社會凝聚力。 閱讀更多
    Czech Republic appoints fourth health minister since the start of the pandemic
    Czech prime minister Andrej Babis replaced his heath minister on Wednesday, following a series of disputes over vaccines and experimental treatments for Covid-19. Jan Blatny, who had been in office since October, will be replaced by Petr Arenberger, who will become the Czech Republic’s fourth health minister since the pandemic started sweeping through the country last year. Blatny’s departure follows a series of clashes with both Babis and Czech president Milos Zeman, who criticised him for his opposition to purchasing vaccines not approved by the EU, such as Russia’s Sputnik V jab, and his insistence that experimental Covid-19 medicines could only be used in limited circumstances. Arenberger, the head of Prague’s University Hospital Vinohrady, takes over as the Czech Republic is slowly recovering from a huge surge in cases in February, which pushed the health system to the brink of its capacity. In total, the 10.8m-strong Czech Republic has now recorded 1.56m cases of coronavirus and 27,329 deaths.
    捷克總理安德烈-巴比斯(Andrej Babis)周三更換了他的衛生部長,此前在疫苗和Covid-19的實驗性治療方面發生了一系列爭議。 自10月起上任的Jan Blatny將由Petr Arenberger接替,他將成為捷克自去年疫情開始席卷全國以來的第四任衛生部長。 布拉特尼的離職是在與巴比斯和捷克總統米洛斯-澤曼發生一系列沖突后發生的,后者批評他反對購買未經歐盟批準的疫苗,如俄羅斯的斯普特尼克V型刺刀,以及他堅持實驗性的Covid-19藥物只能在有限的情況下使用。 布拉格大學維諾赫拉迪醫院的負責人阿倫貝格接任時,捷克共和國正在從2月份的病例大增中緩慢恢復,這將衛生系統推到了其能力的邊緣。 目前,擁有1080萬人口的捷克共和國共記錄了156萬例冠狀病毒病例,27329人死亡。
    Jamie Dimon predicts post-pandemic boom for US
    杰米-戴蒙預言美國流行病后的繁榮發展-|-杰米?戴蒙(Jamie Dimon)預測,大流行后美國將迎來繁榮-|-Jamie Dimon預測了我們的Pandemic Boom
    A huge rise in US government spending will boost the world’s largest economy over at least the next two years, said the chief executive of JPMorgan Chase. Jamie Dimon offered the upbeat outlook in his annual letter to shareholders, in which he asserted that high savings rates, stimulus programmes, a potential infrastructure package and “euphoria around the end of the pandemic” were likely to jump-start the US economy. “It is possible that we will have a Goldilocks moment — fast growth, inflation that moves up gently (but not too much) and interest rates that rise (but not too much),” Wall Street’s leading banker said, adding that sustained spending could fuel a years-long hot streak. Consumers and companies appeared to be in great financial health as the country starts to emerge from the crisis, said Dimon, who heads the largest US bank by assets. Even before Joe Biden’s $1.9tn stimulus package was passed last month, JPMorgan estimated that retail customers had roughly $2tn in excess savings. Large companies, meanwhile, are carrying a sizeable $3tn cash cushion on their balance sheets. Additionally, expansionary actions taken by monetary authorities around the world should have “a compounding global effect”, Dimon said. Read more here.
    摩根大通首席執行官表示,美國政府支出的大幅增加將至少在未來兩年內提振這個全球最大的經濟體。 杰米-戴蒙在其致股東的年度信中提出了樂觀的前景,他在信中斷言,高儲蓄率、刺激計劃、潛在的基礎設施計劃和 "圍繞大流行病結束的興奮 "有可能啟動美國經濟。 "我們有可能迎來一個金發碧眼的時刻--快速增長,通脹溫和上行(但不會太高),利率上升(但不會太高),"華爾街的主要銀行家說,“持續的支出可能會助長長年累月的熱潮”。 按資產計算,他是美國最大銀行的負責人,戴蒙表示,隨著國家開始擺脫危機,消費者和公司的財務狀況似乎非常健康。 即使在喬-拜登上個月通過190億美元的經濟刺激計劃之前,摩根大通就估計零售客戶有大約20億美元的超額儲蓄。與此同時,大公司的資產負債表上有3tn的現金緩沖。 此外,世界各地的貨幣當局采取的擴張行動應該會產生“全球復合效應”,Dimon表示。 點擊這里閱讀更多內容。
    First UK Moderna vaccine is administered to 24 year-old carer
    英國首支Moderna疫苗為24歲的護工注射-|-第一個英國現代疫苗接種給24歲的護理人員-|-第一個UK Underma疫苗被管理到24歲的護理人員
    A 24 year-old unpaid carer has become the first UK recipient of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine as the rollout begins in Wales. Elle Taylor, who looks after her grandmother, said she was “very excited” to receive the US company’s shot at Glangwili Hospital in Carmarthen. The UK government has ordered 17m doses of the Moderna vaccine, which is the third to be administered in the country after the Oxford/AstraZeneca and Pfizer/BioNTech jabs. It is expected to be offered across the UK around the third week of April and more batches should be made available next month. The introduction of a third jab improves the UK’s security of supply at a time of increasing questions about a possible link between the AstraZeneca vaccine and rare blood clots. Ministers remain confident that all UK adults will be offered vaccinations by the end of July.
    隨著Moderna公司冠狀病毒疫苗在威爾士開始推廣,一名24歲的無償照護者成為英國第一位接受該疫苗的人。 照顧祖母的Elle Taylor說,她 "非常興奮 "地在Carmarthen的Glangwili醫院接受了美國公司的注射。 英國政府已經訂購了1700萬劑Moderna疫苗,這是繼牛津/阿斯利康和輝瑞/BioNTech注射劑之后在該國進行的第三種疫苗。 預計將在4月第三周左右在英國各地提供,下個月應該會有更多批次的疫苗。 在人們對阿斯利康疫苗與罕見血栓之間可能存在聯系的質疑越來越多的時候,第三批注射劑的引入提高了英國的供應安全。 部長們仍有信心在7月底前為所有英國成年人提供疫苗接種。
    UK services activity rebounds in March
    The UK’s services activity rebounded in March, according to a survey that showed a pick-up in business activity and new orders as well as the first expansion of staff numbers across the sector since the start of the pandemic.? The IHS Markit/Cips purchasing managers’ index for services increased to 56.3 in March from 49.5 in February, signalling the fastest rate of expansion for seven months.? Any reading above 50 shows the majority of survey respondents reported a growth in activity. The reading was down slightly from an interim reading of 56.6, which was published last month based on around 85 per cent of responses.? "The dominant service sector moved up several gears into growth with a strong leap in overall output, topped off with a rise in job creation for the first time since the pandemic began at the beginning of 2020,” said Duncan Brock, group director at the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply. Survey respondents reported a recovery in spending ahead of the planned reopening of the economy, boosted by the release of pent-up demand on previously delayed projects and a rise in future bookings. Input price inflation rose to its highest level for 33 months, however, with higher operating expenses in many cases passed on to clients.? “Regardless of whether the sector’s glass is now half empty or half full, the acceleration in input price inflation to its highest in nearly three years is a worry,” Brock said. March data also suggested an increase in manufacturing activity, as the composite output index, a weighted average of manufacturing and services indices, increased to 56.4 from 49.6 in February.
    任何高于50的讀數都表明大多數受訪者報告活動有所增長。該讀數比上月公布的基于約85%的答復的中期讀數56.6略有下降。? "主導的服務業提升了幾個檔次進入增長,整體產出強勁躍升,頂點是就業崗位的增加,這是自2020年初大流行開始以來的第一次,"英國皇家采購與供應學會集團董事鄧肯-布洛克說。 調查受訪者報告稱,在經濟計劃重新開放之前,支出有所恢復,這得益于之前被推遲的項目的潛在需求的釋放和未來預訂量的增加。 然而,投入價格通脹率上升至33個月以來的最高水平,在許多情況下,較高的運營費用被轉嫁到客戶身上。? "不管現在行業的玻璃杯是半空還是半滿,投入價格通脹加速至近三年來最高水平都令人擔憂,"布洛克說。 3月數據還顯示制造業活動增加,因為綜合產出指數(制造業和服務業指數的加權平均值)從2月的49.6上升至56.4。
    Italy services activity held down by Covid restrictions
    The downturn in Italy’s services activity accelerated in March as a third wave of the pandemic continued to cloud the economic outlook. But there was better news from Spain, where activity fell by less than expected. The IHS Markit purchasing managers’ index for Italy’s services, a measure of the health of the sector, dropped marginally to 48.6 in March from 48.8 in the previous month. This was lower than the 49 forecast by economists polled by Reuters and below the 50 mark, which indicates a majority of businesses reporting a contraction. Lewis Cooper, economist at IHS Markit, said Italy’s service sector “remained stuck in a downturn” at the close of the first quarter.? He explained that business activity fell further in part because of a renewed dip in inflows of new work, with panelists citing weak demand due to Covid-19 restrictions. New orders from abroad also decreased in March, extending the 21 months of uninterrupted contraction. The PMI services index for Spain rose more than expected, however, to 48.1 in March from 43.1 in the previous month. Businesses in Spain said activity continued to be negatively impacted by Covid-19 restrictions during March but not to the same degree as in recent months. Some businesses reported an improvement in underlying demand. Confidence about the future was high in both countries, thanks largely to the rollout of vaccination programmes seen by businesses as key to reducing the negative impacts of the pandemic on activity. However, the downturn in activity led businesses in both countries to further cut jobs.
    由于第三波疫情繼續給經濟前景蒙上陰影,意大利服務業活動在3月份加速下滑。但西班牙有更好的消息,該國活動下降幅度低于預期。 衡量意大利服務業健康狀況的IHS Markit采購經理人指數從上月的48.8微降至3月的48.6。 這低于路透社調查的經濟學家預測的49,也低于50關口,50關口表明大多數企業報告收縮。 IHS Markit的經濟學家Lewis Cooper表示,意大利服務業在第一季度結束時“仍陷于低迷”。? ? 他解釋說,商業活動進一步下降,部分原因是新工作流入量再度下滑,小組成員提到Covid-19限制導致需求疲軟。 3月來自海外的新訂單也有所減少,延續了21個月的不間斷萎縮。 不過,西班牙3月PMI服務業指數升幅高于預期,從上月的43.1升至48.1。 西班牙企業表示,3月期間活動繼續受到科維德-19限制的負面影響,但程度不如近幾個月。一些企業報告基本需求有所改善。 兩國企業對未來的信心都很高,這主要歸功于疫苗接種計劃的推出,這些計劃被企業視為減少疫情對經濟活動負面影響的關鍵。 然而,經濟活動的下滑導致這兩個國家的企業進一步裁員。
    Hungary eases restrictions despite record death rate
    Hungary recorded a fresh high in Covid-19 fatalities on Wednesday morning, the same day the country eased restrictions, attracting criticism that the government is prioritising economic recovery over minimising infections. Hungary relaxed its curfew restrictions and announced the reopening of many shops and services, as deaths in the previous 24 hours hit a record of 311 in the country of 9.7m people. Premier Viktor Orban said on Tuesday that the restrictions could be relaxed because 2.5m people, or a quarter of the population, had received at least one dose of a vaccine. “Today, we reached an important milestone,” Orban said when he announced the easing of restrictions. “The virus waged a war against us, and the only weapon that promises victory is the vaccine.” Hungary has the second highest vaccination rate in the EU but Covid deaths continue to break records. On Wednesday, Hungary’s surgeon general Cecilia Muller said almost 2,000 new infections had been registered, mostly due to the variant first identified in the UK. Hungary eschewed EU inoculation guidelines and relied on the Chinese-made Sinopharm vaccine and the Russian-made Sputnik V to become one of the world’s most vaccinated countries. “Hungary can be and will be the European country where everyone gets a vaccine the fastest,” said Orban. Last week, 28 media outlets sent an open letter to the government demanding access to hospitals and medical personnel, and complaining that only state-run media can enter public health institutions. “Since people are cut off from this information?.?.?.?many are still downplaying the dangers of the pandemic, and are not observing protective measures which is leading to more illness and thus an exacerbation of the pandemic,” the letter said.
    匈牙利周三上午錄得Covid-19死亡人數新高,同日該國放寬限制,引來批評,認為政府優先考慮經濟復蘇,而不是盡量減少感染。 匈牙利放松了宵禁限制,并宣布許多商店和服務機構重新開放,因為前24小時的死亡人數在這個擁有970萬人口的國家創下311人的紀錄。 總理維克托-歐爾班周二表示,可以放寬限制,因為有250萬人,也就是四分之一的人口,至少接種了一劑疫苗。 "今天,我們達到了一個重要的里程碑,"歐爾班在宣布放寬限制時說。 "病毒對我們發動了一場戰爭,而唯一有望取得勝利的武器就是疫苗。" 匈牙利是歐盟疫苗接種率第二高的國家,但Covid死亡人數不斷打破記錄。周三,匈牙利的外科醫生塞西莉亞-穆勒說,已經登記了近2000例新的感染病例,主要是由于英國首次發現的變種。 匈牙利摒棄了歐盟的接種準則,依靠中國產的國藥集團疫苗和俄羅斯產的斯普特尼克五型疫苗,成為世界上接種疫苗最多的國家之一。 歐爾班說:“匈牙利可以成為也將成為每個人都能最快接種疫苗的歐洲國家”。 上周,28家媒體向政府發出公開信,要求進入醫院和醫務人員,并抱怨只有國營媒體才能進入公共衛生機構。 "由于人們被切斷了這些信息......許多人仍在淡化疫情的危險,沒有遵守保護措施,這導致了更多的疾病,從而加劇了疫情,"信中說。
    WHO warns cases in Philippines approach ‘red line’
    世衛組織警告菲律賓病例接近 "紅線-|-世衛組織警告菲律賓病例接近“紅線”-|-誰警告菲律賓的案件方法“紅線”
    The World Health Organization has raised the alarm about surging coronavirus infections in the Philippines, as President Rodrigo Duterte cancelled a weekly speech and the country’s defence chief said he was self-isolating. “We are concerned about the situation in the Philippines,” Takeshi Kasai, the WHO western pacific regional director said in online remarks quoted by the Manila Bulletin. He said the country was approaching a so-called red line, where case numbers exceed healthcare capacity. The warning from the WHO came as Delfin Lorenzana, defence secretary, said on Twitter that he was working from home and in isolation after he tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday. Duterte’s regular Wednesday night speech, which he has given since early in the pandemic, has been moved to next week, according to Harry Roque, the president’s spokesman. Roque cited “the rising number of active Covid-19 cases”, in remarks quoted by the website Rappler. The Philippines has reported a surge in infections over the past month. This week authorities extended a strict lockdown in greater Manila and four adjoining provinces for another week. The Duterte administration is coming under growing domestic criticism for its handling of the pandemic, and the surge in new cases has also coincided with rising tensions between Manila and Beijing over the South China Sea. The Philippines, which has a population of 110m, has reported 812,170 Covid-19 cases to date and 13,817 deaths from the disease.
    世界衛生組織對菲律賓冠狀病毒感染率激增發出警報,因為總統羅德里戈-杜特爾特取消了每周一次的演講,該國防長表示他正在自我隔離。 "我們對菲律賓的情況感到擔憂,"《馬尼拉公報》援引世衛組織西太平洋地區主任Takeshi Kasai的在線言論說。 他說,該國正在接近所謂的紅線,即病例數量超過醫療能力。 世衛組織的警告是在國防部長德爾芬-洛倫扎納在Twitter上說,他在周二檢測出冠狀病毒陽性后,他在家中隔離工作。 據總統發言人哈里-羅克(Harry Roque)稱,杜特爾特自疫情初期以來的周三晚間常規演講已被移至下周。羅克在網站Rappler引用的言論中提到 "活躍的Covid-19病例數量上升"。 菲律賓報告說,過去一個月來感染人數激增。本周當局將大馬尼拉和四個毗鄰省份的嚴格封鎖時間再延長一周。 杜特爾特政府在處理疫情方面正受到越來越多的國內批評,而新病例的激增也正值馬尼拉和北京在南海問題上的緊張局勢加劇。 菲律賓擁有1.1億人口,迄今已報告812170例Covid-19病例,13817人死于該病。



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